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Stephen Wiltshire’s Tokyo Panorama drawn from memory. Boom - mind blown

Stephen Wiltshire’s Tokyo Panorama drawn from memory. 

Boom - mind blown

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This week’s headlines

Two teenage cousins found raped and hanged from a tree in New Delhi. Police had refused to register the crime when initially reported.

Elliot Rodgers killed 6 people in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara last Friday. According to his ‘manifesto’, the murders were part of his plan for retribution against women, who refused him the sex, love and affection he deserved.

A pregnant woman in Pakistan was stoned to death by her family for rejecting an arranged marriage to marry for love.

Still think that rape culture and misogyny don’t exist?

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Inception vs Paprika


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Food for thought

"What about integrating into other cultures? Staying longer than just fulfilling the exciting honey moon period, but suffering through language barriers and cultural differences to go through those difficult years of adjustment. It seems that would build character more than the instant gratification of seeing the most places possible by yourself, which is highly individualistic. The goal of this piece seems to encourage other people to follow what you did, but what is actually accomplished other than personal, subjective sight-seeing? Being a stranger wherever one goes, no big investment in a collective identity just fulfilling the role of the wanderer or possibly escapist. I would like to have heard more about acculturation, because it takes a lot of creativity to change out of one’s own cultural ideas and integrate into a whole different context. I read mostly individualistic ideas under the shared umbrella of other people that also identify with this type of lone-wolfing adventure. According to cultural psychology, in interdependent cultures such as Asia, Africa, and South America people base their self-esteem off of their relationships with those around them, ability to adjust and restrain the self, and maintain harmony with the social context. In independent societies of the west, people base their self-esteem on the ability to express self and validate internal attributes. In this independent perspective other people only serve the function of comparison and appraisal for self, whereas in the interdependent view the role of others is to define who you are. Food for thought."

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Someone once said to me “you’re living in a fantasy”. It’s true; it’s mine, and I’m lovin’ it!

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First thoughts about Shanghai -

We have a pretty kick ass apartment. Our landlord has evidently put in some effort in decorating the place, with quirky posters and various artistic renditions of chairman Mao lending the rooms some character. There’s a market in the form of vendors laying out their wares on a dusty back alley and old people milling around with perfectly groomed pooches (seems typical here). Lazed hard on the first day here watching pitch perfect and eating terrible Korean food, so this place is certified cosy.

People watching could well be a sport here. Freshest memories are a trio of old men dancing with Chinese fans in the park - or random dancing in public places - a man kicking a dog (not even his!) nonchalantly and walking away, then glaring at us for looking shocked, yet another man clearing his throat and spitting repeatedly onto the metro station floor. In these cases I’m like a wide eyed child, the only one expressing amusement/shock/disgust, or any emotion at all…

I don’t know if this indicates impending culture shock but I’m going to try to enjoy this bemusement while it lasts. Which could probably be cut short by peeping Toms in bar toilets, and China’s public toilets in general (for many, many reasons). I remember someone saying Singapore is ‘Asia lite’ and this rings even more true when I see how truly pampered I’ve been at home in comparison. My definitions of ‘normal’, or ‘acceptable’ are challenged here, embarrassingly so sometimes. Singaporean me is truly spoilt.

I had this thought that Shanghai is like this big city with small village sensibilities, as if as a city they’ve been made to move forward but their attitudes and lifestyles are still playing catch up. Well that is the feeling I gather after just two days of gawking and exploring. Excited to see and discover more. In the meantime, reminder to self to reserve judgment and take it all in with an open mind.

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Sometime’s the world is a tough place, the days get to you and the nights drag on, so here’s a story of a pet penguin who goes shopping.

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Is there a way to truly enjoy life? To feel more alive, consistently?

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Sleepless thoughts

I frequently wish that people’s appearances were a direct representation of the goodness of their souls.

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